Monday, December 6, 2010

Forex Signals provided by the company ufxbank

In the name of God the MercifulComprehensive analysis of the forex market, minerals and energy by a specialist in the analysis of Mr. Amin Fssom
Rising U.S. dollar - is not a matter of time

Dear Investor: Recommendations include the major pairs and cross-link directly and immediately to the owners of accounts of platinum in the company UFXBank and published in the Daily Day after being sent (the recommendations of the SMS). Recommendations of the mobile usually include 3 main objectives when issued and the recommendation is modified and the addition of new targets after the arrival of the first three Targets.

Current recommendations:

Sell EURUSD - the point of entry: 1.3400 stop loss: 1.3550. The first objective: 1.3310. Second objective: 1.3170. Third Objective: 1.3030 - a new recommendation
Sell AUDUSD - the point of entry: 0.97 stop loss: 0.9960. The first objective of: 95.50. Second objective: 0.9360. Third Objective: 0.9110 -
Buy OILUSD - the point of entry: 81.50 stop loss: 79.50. The first goal: 82.8 (the arrival). Goal II: 84.50 (the arrival). Third Goal: 87.00. Goal IV: 88.00 (arrival was). Goal V: 91.50
Buy GBPNZD - the point of entry: 2.0600 stop loss: 2.0380. The first goal: 2.0720 (the arrival). Goal II: 2.0890 (the arrival). Third Objective: 2.1080
Buy USDCAD - the point of entry: 1.0020 stop loss: 0.9890 Target I: 1.0060 (the arrival). Goal II: 1.0150 (the arrival). Third Objective: 1.0270 (the arrival). Fourth Objective: 1.0420 - recommendation SMS

Stock markets STOCKS MARKET

U.S. stock markets recorded gains yesterday as the Dow Jones index rising by 19.68 degrees to the level of any 11382.10 0.17% either Asattandrd & Poor's index recorded a rise by 3.18 degrees to the level of 1224.71 an increase of 0.26% while the Nasdaq index up 12.11 degree rise to the level of 2591.46 an increase of 0.47%.

The dollar is very sharp decline after the economic data in the United States last weekend, where the king was given the worst indicators of expectations than any added 39,000 jobs versus expectations of only indicated to 143 thousand. The unemployment rate is the other publications worst expectations far no record of rising to 9.8% versus expectations indicated to survive on what is the ratio of 9.6%. Stock market has not registered any significant decrease in spite of the issuance of data is very bad It is very possible that the markets had expected such data. In Canada, and is different to what was released in the U.S. employment data were better than expected, which affected the Canadian dollar positively. U.S. dollar closed at its lowest levels of the weekly circulation, which could weigh upon the beginning of this week, but I expect record high in the near term as fixing a technical downtrend that record.

GOLD - gold

Considered to penetrate the gold standard and a belt of resistance and rise higher in 1387 in a building impulsive clear upward as indicated on the strength of comparative quality and the resumption of the process of rising to the top towards the historic summit vicinity in 1424, especially as the movement rates are crossed to the top and gold meets several conditions that supported it - that's what stated in the analysis of last Thursday and we got on Friday is so close to record high in 1415 to close the session at the highest levels of circulation and standing a few steps from the top of the price of his last summit. Building gold revolutionary clear any reduction would be a buying opportunity as long as gold has been trading higher level of line support, which hit lows the previous ranked in ascending any higher altitude the last summit and the highest in 1424 in the event followed close on top of this level Vsedl the start of gold to the march of the high and broad new.

ترجمة من العربية إلى الإنجليزية

Crude Oil - Oil

Already indicated to the level of 88.00 as a goal, the main oil, the last summit it has been successful oil in the registration of a sharp rise and very fast to reach the fourth goal of the recommendation and extends in height even higher than a closed session at the highest levels of trading last week and stops below the level of line resistance up previous summits ranked in a clear upward has been determined that line the vicinity of 90. You select a new target of the recommendation is 91.50, but it's hard to see the rising line of the highest level of resistance in the first attempt to penetrate it is possible to see a drop or a technical correction in the near term. Do not show any signs of weakness and you determine the possibility of a summit in the near term remain.

After that the form of 1.2950 which is a technical correction by 78.6% to march Height recent support level record shows that the bottom in the near term after the bounce husband and registered a sharp rise very fast and the end of last week, but I will not be considered this increase, such as changing the direction of central or define the bottom of the final last resort, but the Majesty determines that the husband shortly before the summit registration another drop would extend to the highest holy bottom before the last change the building tops and bottoms down to a building upward. Building upward triangle candles trio, who appeared last week, is building a revolutionary indicates the direction of change, but there is no change of direction without going back a bit and select the bottom is higher than that Sbakah and therefore will not consider the current price point of purchase occasion. Shows the pair stopped at the level of resistance and line record for the most in the form of the previous level of support as shown through the following chart. 1.3474 is the level of resistance and to correct a technical standard rate of 61.8% for the recent decline march along with the range top and bottom in the past and is expected to identify the husband Bmqrepetth top or bottom of it.
Support Levels 1.3232 1.3091 1.2988 Levels of resistance 1.3476 1.3579 1.3720

Ambitious wealthy Chinese revive trade aircraft

About two years ago was barely Chung Candy know that the plane has two wings and engines, but now runs a private firm to help wealthy Asians to get a new private jets.

Day Trading Forex Tips

Video Description: Learn why is it so difficult to day trade Forex (Foreign Exchange Trading).